PBX/Voice Backup: Crucial to Healthcare

Never have dependable and continuous voice communications in healthcare been more vital. Patients and providers don’t only use the phones to schedule appointments and discuss billing; they also use them to receive diagnoses and exchange critical medical information.... Read More

Satellite Technology: The Future of Climate Change

NASA launched TIROS-1 on April 1, 1960. It was the first successful meteorological satellite worldwide. This was a follow-up to the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 1, launched on October 4, 1957, which was the first artificial satellite to be... Read More

Satellite technology is integral to disaster relief

When disaster strikes, it’s difficult to maintain communications in the affected area and damage estimations can be dangerous. Satellite technology can help solve both of these issues quickly when time is of the essence.     Reliable communications... Read More

Happy Holidays from the X2nSat Team!

Thank you for being our partner in 2019. As we draw closer to 2020, we here at X2nSat want to wish you happy holidays and a fantastic new year. —The X2nSat Team

Healthcare and Motherhood

Within healthcare there has been astonishing advancements taking place in today’s history. A relevant topic within the healthcare community is the extension of human life longevity. At times, we take for granted our hospitals and the level of healthcare we... Read More

Earth Day 2018

This beautiful big blue marble we call home is truly an amazing place.  Astronomers are continually on the hunt for exoplanets in other galaxies and solar systems that may have a similar composition and atmosphere as Earth.  Elon... Read More

Distributech 2018: Buzzing with Energy

X2nSat is hitting the ground running in 2018! Just a few, short weeks ago my colleague, Jena Blazer and I attended the Distributech trade show in San Antonio, Texas. This is the must-attend event for electric, gas, and... Read More