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For over two decades, we've been at the forefront of satellite communications technology. Dedicated to exploring and discovering new products and services that improve the user experience for our clients, we've developed a reputation as innovators in our field.
Follow along as we take you through some of our biggest developments in the world of satellite.

Mobile Satellite at Sea (2003)

Since the 60's and 70's, fixed satellite service (FSS) was the standard, and mobility in satellite was long deemed impossible. But in 2003, X2nSat engineers became the first to build a network capable of bringing broadband internet to a ship at sea. Telecommunications companies and ship owners saw that maritime connectivity was indeed possible, and this became the precursor to satellite on moving objects. Of course, today, satellite is used on ships, trains, cars, and planes.

Satellite Approved for Rural Telephony Services (2005)

Due to state regulations, phone companies are required to provide phone service to everyone, even in the most rural and sparsely-populated areas. Previously, the cost to do so was incredibly high due to the lack of terrestrial infrastructure in place, and satellite solutions were not on the government's approved list of technology options.

In 2005, X2nSat engineers worked to design a technology that met the government's specification of what constitutes a "phone line," with features that included fax capabilities, call waiting, 911, and more. This became the first satellite solution on the government's approved list of telephone service providers. To this day, X2nSat helps local phone companies across the country deliver service to their areas.

X2nSat Difference

Dedicated to exploring and discovering the new technologies that improve our clients' experience, X2nSat is a forward-thinking company that takes pride in making a difference in the world of telecommunications.

Industry-Specific Solutions

While others offer a general understanding of telecommunications, X2nSat specializes in the unique needs of individual industries and the specific regulations they face.

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