Mobile Satellite Internet

Today, businesses everywhere demand reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. Unfortunately, not everywhere is equipped to offer it with traditional cellular or wireline infrastructure. With coverage across all of North America, X2nSat can provide mobile satellite internet anytime, anywhere.

The X2nSat Difference

Operating on a fleet of eight different satellites, X2nSat provides impenetrable infrastructure and seamless coverage.

Connectivity on the Move

Need to enable internet access on a moving vehicle? X2nSat offers small, mobile terminals that do not require positioning to align with a satellite, so you can ensure you're connected wherever you go.

Mobile Command Units

Often used for broadcast or medical response vehicles, these self-deploying antennas align themselves with a satellite at the push of a button, providing reliable broadband connection on the go.

Remote Hotspots and Special Events

Add a boost of bandwidth to a WiFi hotspot when you need to. Our remote communications solutions allow your employees or customers the ability to access the internet when other means are unavailable.

Fleet Management

Our scalable mobile connectivity solutions allow distributors and other organizations with multiple vehicles to interconnect. Track location, engine parameters, fuel levels,and driving habits to better manage your fleet anywhere in North America.

Satellite Phone

Satellite phones have their own phone numbers and behave similar to cellular phones, and don't require any infrastructure to work. This makes them instrumental in allowing your employees to make and receive phone calls in remote areas, or in the event of a localized phone outage.


Telemedicine technology gives doctors and other care providers the ability to interact with patients who are not in the same room, city, or country. We offer various telemedicine solutions, ranging from two-way video conferencing to education and training of off-site professionals.

Point-of-Sale Communications (POS)

Unlike cellular or other terrestrial POS networks, X2nSat's solution works in even the most remote locations. With our mobile POS, you can complete sales transactions in as little as 2-5 seconds, giving you the power to accept payments wherever you go.

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