Satellite Internet Solutions for Business

X2nSat provides highly reliable wireless broadband network and communications solutions for businesses. Serving the needs of enterprise clients since 1996, X2nSat offers turnkey solutions with the flexibility to meet specific client needs.

Network Backup for Business Continuity

When a business or public entity loses its voice or data connection to the outside world, the ensuing results can be costly. Whether in a natural disaster, man-made accident, or hardware/software failure, make sure you business is covered.

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Disaster Recovery Communications

Be prepared before a disaster hits. When your business maintains it's ability to connect with its employees and the outside world, you protect your company and help ensure a smooth recovery.

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Emergency Response Communications

In certain industries, the ability to communicate can be life-impacting. Access to temporary internet service via remote hot spots, mobile command vehicles, and satellite phones can save both time and lives.

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Mobile Satellite Internet

X2nSat's satellite internet solutions enable connectivity on the go - anywhere and anytime. Applications include mobile communications by land or at sea, or remote mobile hotspots for short and long-term use.

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Rural Internet and Telephone

Internet and telephone service are a must, no matter where you are. Make sure your organization is connected even in the most rural areas.

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Industry-Specific Solutions

While others offer a general understanding of telecommunications, X2nSat specializes in the unique needs of individual industries and the specific regulations they face.

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