Emergency Response Communications

Some emergencies are simply unavoidable. While maintaining operations and reacting strategically in cases of emergency is the best thing a business can do, it's easier said than done. That's why developing an emergency communications plan in advance is so important. Learn how X2nSat can help.

The X2nSat Difference

When it comes to emergency response, reliable communications solutions not only keep businesses running, they can help save lives. With X2nSat, your organization gets the robust emergency services of a large telecommunications company, with the personalized customer care tailored to your unique operational needs.

Mobile Responder Connectivity

Mobile connectivity provides voice and data links to moving vehicles, such as ambulances and EMS vehicles. Our solutions ensure access to your data and ability to make calls, regardless of the cellular coverage quality of where you travel.

Mobile Health Clinic Connectivity

Specialty vehicles like mobile health clinics, MRI trucks, and bloodmobiles need to be able to access patient records reliably, anywhere. X2nSat offers communications solutions specific to these vehicles, including a self-deploying antenna that aligns itself to the satellite with just a push of a button.


We've partnered with Mutualink, a software system used by emergency responder agencies that improves emergency response communications with secure inter-agency, cross-jurisdiction collaboration.

The software features a directory of agencies (FBI, next-county sheriff office, fire department, etc.) that is easy to use, and allows users to make calls, as well as share video and other digital resources.

Satellite Phone

Our satellite phones feature small handsets that enable users to make and receive phone calls in the event of a localized phone outage. Handsets have their own phone numbers and behave similarly to cellular phones, without requiring any infrastructure to work, so you can smoothly deliver emergency response services anywhere.


Our telemedicine solutions give doctors and other care providers the freedom to interact with patients who are not in the same room, city, or country. We offer a range of telemedicine services, from two-way video conferencing to education and training of off-site professionals.

Mobile Command Centers

Our specialty trailers can be quickly deployed as mobile command centers for emergency communications. Typical use cases include emergency responder mobile command centers, disaster aid stations, and humanitarian camps. Trailers are quickly deployed and include a generator in the event there is no power on site.

Remote Hotspots and Special Events

Whether you're hosting an outdoor corporate event, or managing disaster response teams processing claims, remote hotspots allow your employees and customers the ability to access the internet when other means aren't available. Our solutions give you the power to add a significant amount of bandwidth to a WiFi hotspot when you need it.

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