Within healthcare there has been astonishing advancements taking place in today’s history. A relevant topic within the healthcare community is the extension of human life longevity. At times, we take for granted our hospitals and the level of healthcare we receive, but the advancements in the field of medicine to treat and prevent disease is what is helping people live longer today. Dr. Peter Diamandis has been a driving force in medical advancements around stem cell research and other breakthroughs that has the potential to increase life expectancy to a a degree it has never been.  Diamandis’s theory Longevity Escape Velocity essentially states that by 2030 another year of life can be added, within half a year to a person’s life expectancy, potentially creating the possibility to live forever.  While the ethical dilemma of immortality is an ongoing social dialogue, the ramifications to such a future medical possibility is fascinating.
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Florence Nightingale

While people living into their seventies and eighties has become a normalcy today, this wasn’t always the case. There has been a building block of healthcare professionals who have contributed  through time in creating this benefit we glean from today.  This week was recognized as Nurse’s Week and the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Due to the improvements Florence brought to healthcare, life expectancy increased by 20 years. She was recognized as the founder of modern Nursing and a catalyst agent to change that instituted massive reductions in infectious deaths prior to the advent of penicillin.  Just by instituting rigorous sanitation such as hand-washing, Nightingale was able to reduce field hospital deaths from 50%  to under 2%. Her success and techniques carried over into growing cities around the world that were struggling with sanitation-related illness among their population.



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Anna Jarvis

While not common knowledge to most, the nursing field and mother’s day have a connection.  In 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial service in honor of her mother Ann’s second death year anniversary. Since the time of her mother’s death, Anna had written government officials asking for Mother’s Day to be an official holiday. During the Civil War, her mother Ann was a peace activist and nurse who tended to the wounded on the North and South side. Her mother’s memorial in 1908 was the first unofficial Mother’s Day but in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed an official presidential proclamation establishing Mother’s Day as an official holiday. However it did not take long for Hallmark and other companies to commercialize the holiday much to the outcry and dismay of Anna.  She appealed to all to show their honor and appreciation to their mothers, through handwritten notes.


So while a bit of a history lesson, how does this pertain to X2nsat?  Well healthcare is an important sector to whom we provide seamless communication too.  SatBlue insures that during whatever events are taking place under a hospital roof,  those working will always have access to communication, patient files and more regardless to the events that are taking place outside. In association to working with healthcare enterprises, we would like to thank all nurses for their hard work! Being a nurse isn’t just an occupation, its giving compassion, caring, and understanding. To the nurses who are mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! We would also like to honor ours working at X2nSat who are Audrey, Colette, Jena, Karen, Michelle, and Nicole! And of course to all the mothers out there!