About VSAT

What is VSAT?
VSAT means Very Small Aperture Terminal. VSAT is a technology used to define two-way-satellite communications. VSAT systems use small dish antennas that vary from 75 cm to 2.4 meters in diameter. VSAT terminals access satellites in orbit, to transfer data from one earth station to another or to access the Internet (two-way satellite Internet). The VSAT network is managed by the HUB (mater Earth station). VSAT systems are commonly used to transmit narrowband data for applications such as telemetry (SCADA), point-of-sale transactions such as credit cards, Internet access, voice-over-IP, bank transactions between headquarters and branches and any IP application. Satellites provide today's businesses with a flexible, universal, reliable and quickly deployable means to address a wide range of communications needs. Use this guide to find out why and how companies from a variety of industries use satellite-based solutions to advance their businesses.


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