Service and integrity continue to serve as the foundation of our business. Whether you engage us for our engineering expertise, operational proficiency, and/or logistical capabilities, skilled and certified installation team, we are committed to superior service.
To us, service goes far beyond just answering questions. We seek to understand your company, your communication needs, and your business goals. With our full-scope of expertise and perpetual commitment to ongoing staff training, we deliver accurate service responses promptly – whenever and wherever you need support.

Satellite Delivered SCADA Connectivity

X2nSat has been leading the way in satellite-based machine to machine communications for the past twenty years. With guaranteed 99.9% network up-time and equipment that is built to last, our solutions are the obvious choice.

Broadband/Data Networks

X2nSat offers a variety of broadband and data transmission services. This can include access to the internet, email, or cloud-based data storage as either a primary or secondary service.

Private Networks

Some organizations prefer to have dedicated bandwidth in order to control their own usage and speed. Our private VSAT networks give our clients the ability to monitor and control their network just as any wire-line or cellular network. Although more commonly used by larger enterprises, companies with as few as 10-25 sites have opted for private networks due to the control they offer.

Voice Communications

Voice over satellite is the primary form of communication where wire-line and cellular coverage is not available. For others, it's an important backup in the event of natural disasters or equipment failure. Regardless of your need, X2nSat services can help you get connected and stay connected.

Industry-Specific Solutions

While others offer a general understanding of telecommunications, X2nSat specializes in the unique needs of individual industries and the specific regulations

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