Satellite Broadband Networks for Utility Companies

X2nSat’s Utilities solutions provide customers with two-way communications using either fixed or mobile terminals. Whether for SCADA/M2M or business continuity, our installations feature high reliability, rapid deployment, and durability.

Powerful Custom Solutions

X2nSat's platforms offer cost-effective, power-efficient, and scalable solutions for M2M communications that comply with utilities regulatory requirements.

SCADA Network Backup and Monitoring

Companies with multiple facilities may have hundreds or thousands of WAN connections between locations. If there is a problem with the equipment, or a WAN circuit should fail, X2nSat provides a secure backup SCADA network to allow a second method to access the equipment. This way, the network engineer can troubleshoot and diagnose the problems without a costly site visit.

Scalable Mobile Connectivity

Our scalable mobile connectivity solutions allow distributors and other organizations with multiple vehicles to interconnect. This way you can track location, engine parameters, fuel levels, and driving habits to better manage your fleet anywhere in North America.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management solution allows a corporation to track the whereabouts of vehicles in their fleet anywhere in North America. And options are available to collect data from vehicle sensors — such as engine parameters, fuel levels, driving habits, etc.

Connectivity On The Move

Mobile connectivity provides Internet links to moving vehicles such as field service trucks. This solution is typically used in areas where cellular coverage is sporadic or there is a need for communications when the cellular network is unavailable.

PBX/Voice Backup

With PBX/voice backup, you can continue to make phone calls in the event of a phone company outage. This communication solution automatically redirects phone calls over a satellite link, often without intervention or notice by the users. It can scale from 1-500 simultaneous phone calls, and can be adapted to phone switches of any size.

Satellite Phones

Small handsets enable users to make and receive phone calls in the event of a localized phone outage. Handsets have their own phone numbers and behave similarly to cellular phones, without requiring any infrastructure to work, so you can continue to communicate in the wake of a natural disaster or outage.

Internet and Data Center Backup

For businesses whose facilities rely on data centers or cloud applications, Internet and data center backup is a must. In the event that a terrestrial connection becomes unavailable, VoIP and data traffic can be rerouted over satellite to keep business operations running smoothly.

Mobile Command Centers

Our specialty trailers can be quickly deployed as mobile command centers for temporary communications. Typical use cases include emergency responder mobile command centers, disaster aid stations, and humanitarian camps. Trailers are quickly deployed and include a generator in the event there is no power on site.

Hardline and Independent Phones

Some organizations require hardline desktop phones that can be used in the event of any outage. In this case, the handset is connected directly to a satellite terminal, and will work even in the event of complete power loss by the facility, a network outage, or a local PBX failure.

Independent phones can be configured with useful features such as voicemail and call forwarding.

Remote Hotspots and Special Events

Add a boost of bandwidth to a WiFi hotspot when you need to. Our remote communications solutions allow your employees or customers the ability to access the Internet when other means are unavailable.

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