Las Cruces Satellite Gateway and Network Operations Center

Our Las Cruces gateway is the first and only Fifth Generation Satellite Gateway. Located at the peak of sprawling flat lands in Las Cruces, New Mexico with scenic mountains in the distance, this gateway serves as a model for what Satellite Gateways should be. There is plenty of open sky uninterrupted by mountains or hills and the weather is mild and sunshiny year-round, making it one of the most perfect places to distance antennas and lock onto satellites from Earth.
It is our second main gateway, the first being located in Petaluma, CA

Why Las Cruces?

Location is key. Which is why the Las Cruces Satellite Gateway is located in Southern New Mexico with a clear view of the sky, wide open spaces, and excellent weather. 

It has clear visibility to the satellite location arc for both geolocated and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Unlike most gateways, the Las Cruces facility provides the space and infrastructure needed to develop new satellite networks that can provide customizable solutions for our customers.

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Coverage of Earth

X2nSat operates on both C-band and Ku-band and can reach over two-thirds of the Earth’s surface from our Las Cruces Gateway. What we can’t reach from New Mexico, we can reach in California.

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Geographic Separation from our Petaluma gateway

Geographic redundancy is important to ensure high availability of business critical systems across multiple locations.

 Businesses can mitigate downtime by replicating applications and data across ‘geo-diverse’ locations. Ideally, gateways are geographically separated (California and New Mexico, for example), so that if one experiences a catastrophic event and cannot be restored, the other can quickly and seamlessly take over the primary role. All traffic is automatically rerouted to the secondary site with minimal service downtime for users.

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Gateway Security

Our Las Cruces Satellite Gateway is secure and well-monitored. Physical access to the teleport is controlled by automatic gates and card readers. There is also 24/7/365 video surveillance. Output from each camera appears on one of the monitoring screens in the network operations center for constant monitoring.

The Las Cruces facility is a secured, gated property with a single entrance equipped with touch-pad access control and security cameras throughout. All visitors and employee presence is logged for security verification purposes.

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The facility will staff 30 employees when fully developed. This includes a mix of engineers, electricians, technical support specialists, and other administrative personnel. 

In addition to its topography and environmental advantages, Las Cruces was chosen based on its proximity to New Mexico State University, a public, land-grant, research university. Their award-winning College of Engineering features programs specializing in Computer, Electrical, and Communications Engineering.

Also in the area is the University of Texas at El Paso, a public research university with a large College of Engineering featuring programs such as computer science, electrical, and systems engineering. The talent pool will allow X2nSat to offer jobs and internships to local residents.

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Network Operations Center

X2nSat owns and operates a fully-staffed, 100% U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC) and support infrastructure. The NOC provides proactive IP network monitoring, network management, and remediation.

X2nSat provides 24/7/365 technical support for thousands of remote sites, including real-time monitoring of network performance and support for new site commissions.

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X2nSat Difference

Dedicated to exploring and discovering the new technologies that improve our clients' experience, X2nSat is a forward-thinking company that takes pride in making a difference in the world of telecommunications.

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