Satellite Solutions for the Retail Industry

We understand that a loss in connectivity leads to a loss in revenue. Offering both fixed and mobile options, X2nSat's satellite platforms provide extremely cost-effective, power efficient, and scalable solutions that can be used as either primary or redundant transport.

Flexible and Secure

Each of our retail solutions feature easy installation and integration with your current transactional equipment. And our private network boasts complete, reliable security, so you can be confident your data is always protected.

Point of Sale Communications (POS)

Our Point of Sale solutions allow you to process transactions anywhere. Whether you're a rural business or just using satellite as a backup, our always-on connectivity offers 100% nationwide coverage and processes transactions in 2-5 seconds.

Mobile Point of Sale (POS)

Managing an event, and need to take payments? X2nSat's FlexCom terminals are portable and easy to use, so you can do business in even the most remote locations.

Remote Hotspots for Special Events

Boost bandwidth to a WiFi mobile hotspot when you need to. Allow your employees or customers the ability to access the Internet when other means are unavailable. Use cases range from outdoor corporate events to festivals and pop-up shops.

Internet and Data Center Backup

Retain access to customer records and CRM in the event of an outage. VoIP and data traffic can be rerouted over satellite to keep business operations running smoothly.

PBX/Voice Backup

Continue to make phone calls in the event of an outage by the phone company. PBX/Voice Backup automatically redirects phone calls over a satellite link, often without intervention or notice by the users. This solution can scale from 1-500 simultaneous phone calls, and can be adapted to phone switches of any size.

Satellite Phones

Our satellite phones have their own phone numbers and behave similarly to cellular phones, without requiring any infrastructure to work. They're a valuable option when you need immediate backup support.

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