Broadband / Data Networks

X2nSat offers a variety of broadband and data transmission services. This can include access to the internet, email, or cloud-based data storage as either a primary or secondary service.

The X2nSat Difference

X2nSat can provide access from virtually anywhere without the restraints of typical terrestrial networks (wireline and cellular). Our services are available in even the most remote locations, and boast flexible usage plans, high quality, and high bandwidth.

Primary Broadband and Data

Today, business everywhere demand reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity. Unfortunately, not everywhere is equipped to offer it. Broadband as a primary source is best suited for organizations that have no other access to the internet. X2nSat’s flexible services offer a number of product options and plans depending on your need and usage.

Redundant Broadband and Data

For companies that rely on data centers or cloud applications to run their business, broadband backup is a must. In the event that a terrestrial connection becomes unavailable, broadband over satellite is the business continuity/disaster recovery solution you need to keep operations running smoothly.

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