Satellite Solutions for Shipping & Distribution

Multi-site food and beverage distributors transmit mission-critical operational data on their terrestrial networks. And local incidents can knock out terrestrial communications at one or more of your network sites. A “network down” situation incurs opportunity costs, lost business, and dramatic reductions in productivity when the data can’t get through. Our team of communications experts works with you to design a satellite network that meets your performance objectives. And with your own proprietary satellite network, you can easily reconnect with the flip of a switch or a phone call.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

We design, test, install, and operate turnkey satellite networks to transmit data to meet your capacity requirements. We can design and configure your network to meet all of your mission-critical data transmission requirements.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management solution allows a corporation to track the whereabouts of vehicles in their fleet anywhere in North America. And options are available to collect data from vehicle sensors — such as engine parameters, fuel levels, driving habits, etc.

Connectivity on the Move

Mobile connectivity provides Internet links to moving vehicles such as field service trucks. This solution is typically used in areas where cellular coverage is sporadic, or there is a need for communications when the cellular network is unavailable.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones have their own phone numbers and behave similar to cellular phones, and don't require any infrastructure to work. This, along with their rugged design, makes them instrumental in allowing your employees to make and receive phone calls in remote areas during transport.

Internet and Data Center Backup

Retain access to inventory records and your CRM in the event of an outage. VoIP and data traffic can be rerouted over satellite to keep business operations running smoothly.

PBX/Voice Backup

With this solution, you can continue to make phone calls in the event of an outage by the phone company. PBX/Voice Backup automatically redirects phone calls over a satellite link, often without intervention or notice by the users. This solution can scale from 1-500 simultaneous phone calls, and can be adapted to phone switches of any size.

Mobile Command Centers

X2nSat offers specialty trailers that can act as quickly deployed mobile command centers for communications in a variety of temporary situations. The trailers are self contained, including a generator in the event there is no power available on site. The units are small enough to be towed by a small SUV or lifted by a helicopter.

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