Voice Communications

Voice over satellite is the primary form of communication where wireline and cellular coverage is not available. For others, it's an important backup in the event of natural disasters or equipment failure. Regardless of your need, X2nSat services can help you get connected and stay connected.

The X2nSat Difference

X2nSat's has been a leader in voice communications for over twenty years. Our in-depth understanding of multiple industries and their communication needs enables us to offer our clients the services most appropriate for them.

Primary Voice Connectivity

The need for voice connectivity is everywhere. Some substations are equipped with voice so that they have the ability to make and receive wireline phone calls and stay connected. Some local exchange carriers use voice services to provide connectivity for their remote customers. Whatever your business, X2nSat's voice services can offer all the features of traditional voice lines, including fax, call waiting, 911, and more.

Redundant Voice Connectivity

X2nSat offers voice backup services so that your business can continue to make phone calls when the primary connection is down. Calls can be automatically redirected over a satellite link, often without intervention or notice by the users. With the ability to scale from 1-500 simultaneous calls, voice redundancy is a must for businesses of any size.

Mobile Satellite Phones

Even when your phone switch can communicate via satellite, many enterprises want the ability to move around and have voice connectivity during major failures. Mobile satellite phones offer this flexibility when there is either no cellular coverage or no cellular service. X2nSat offers handheld units, as well as desktop docking stations. Customized service plans allow you to buy or rent with no long term commitment.

Independent Handsets

Some enterprises need to absolutely, under every circumstance, have voice communications. X2nSat can provide independent phones on a completely free-standing system. These phones are independent of any existing infrastructure a company has, and will work regardless of natural disaster, man-made error, or power failure. When your business applications are critical, ensure you're prepared.

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