Never have dependable and continuous voice communications in healthcare been more vital. Patients and providers don’t only use the phones to schedule appointments and discuss billing; they also use them to receive diagnoses and exchange critical medical information. Throughout the pandemic, patients accessed crucial services through telehealth. While, with the lifting of lockdowns, the rate of voice communications in healthcare has declined somewhat, they still play a vital role in the healthcare system.

Voice communications in healthcare serve the dual purpose of increasing access to care while decreasing costs. These instant connections between a healthcare provider and patient play a particularly vital role in rural areas where healthcare providers are in short supply. Due to these advantages, these services have gained increased support from insurers.

One of the biggest challenges to voice communications in healthcare is ensuring seamless operation. A PBX/Voice Backup with failover guarantees continuity of care and the availability of medical personnel, even when phones go down.

What is PBX/Voice Backup with failover?

PBX/Voice Backup allows a local PBX or phone switch to have an alternative route to keep voice communication going when an outage hits. In that way, the equipment automatically redirects phone calls over the satellite link when traditional landlines fail. These solutions can handle anywhere from 1–500 phone calls all at once. The system can also be set up to adapt to any size of phone switch.

When providers use PBX/Voice Backup during conventional phone failures, satellite connectivity ensures that care doesn’t stop. Patients feel more secure when they can reach their providers, especially in adverse conditions. Healthcare providers will also gain the assurance that phone outages won’t affect the quality of care they can give their patients.

How do satellite solutions for healthcare provide service during an outage?

Very simply, satellites operate directly from space. They require no conventional transmission lines or towers. During terrestrial disasters such as ice storms, floods, and wildfires, when cellular networks and landlines can fail, satellite solutions for healthcare function without interruption.

What is failover?

Failover is a type of backup that automatically switches to a standby alternative if the primary system fails or shuts down for servicing. Failover is an essential function for systems that require patients and providers to have 24/7 access. Without human intervention, a failover setup sends requests meant for the downed system to the backup system without any breaks in service.

Employing a PBX/Voice Backup solution means healthcare providers can rely on a secure connection. Failover protects both healthcare providers and their patients against the consequences of dangerous interruptions. A failover system that utilizes satellite provides a still-higher level of security. This system ensures:

  • Voice communications switch over within seconds.
  • No person has to do anything to initiate the switch.
  • The switch will be so seamless that vital communications won’t be disrupted.

Why are satellite solutions in healthcare becoming more vital?

According to the National Climate Assessment, the number and severity of heat waves, heavy rains, and hurricanes are increasing. To the annoyance and frustration of organizations and consumers, even a mild weather event can knock out internet service for minutes or hours. Flooding, tornadoes, and other disasters can cut voice and data communications for days, weeks, or months as remote lines are severed, and cell towers lose function.

Voice communications in healthcare can’t afford to wait even a few moments. Delay in consultation with a physician or other healthcare professional can lead to serious illness or death. Loss of communication between medical personnel and facilities can also lead to catastrophes.

For failover to switch a PBX to the standby alternative, its connectivity must be functional. The backup will be as vulnerable as the primary system if a cellular or cable connection is involved. The switchover will likely fail, and dire consequences may follow. Satellites sidestep terrestrial hazards and keep the lines of communication open.

How can a healthcare provider find a satellite-enabled PBX/Voice backup with failover?

X2nSAT began consulting with private companies well over two decades ago. As the company continuously embraced innovation, it became a leader in satellite communications in North America and beyond. The experts at X2nSAT take great pride in providing the products and support to keep healthcare up and running, whether in remote locations or during disaster recovery.

PBX/Voice backup with failover is one of many X2nSAT solutionss leading the way to better voice communications in healthcare. Reliable, intelligent voice communications start here.