Network Operations

X2nSat owns and operates a fully-staffed, 100% U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC) and support infrastructure. The NOC provides proactive IP network monitoring, network management, and remediation.
X2nSat provides 24/7/365 technical support for thousands of remote sites, including real-time monitoring of network performance and support for new site commissions.

Our Technicians

X2nSat maintains 99.9% network availability through our standardized internal processes and escalation procedures. Our operations team members offer decades of experience in the satellite industry; and are stationed across multiple time zones, constantly monitoring bandwidth utilization to ensure optimal performance of your network.

Network Monitoring System

Our client Network Monitoring System (NMS) is an internet-based system designed to be the main interface between our clients and the network services we provide. It's used to monitor, alarm, add, or update information for clients' terminals. And the NMS is customized to monitor all platforms and provide immediate notification for the Operations team to react and escalate issues appropriately.

Monitoring and Reporting

In addition to the Network Monitoring System, the X2nSat Portal shows clients their real-time radio frequency status and cumulative data usage. This includes graphs of daily and cumulative inbound and outbound data usage, and it retains past history. For sites that have X2nSat voice services enabled, monthly Call Detail Records (CDRs) are also available that show date/time, phone numbers, and lengths of calls.

X2nSat Android App

In addition to our web-based portal, which is accessible by any computer and smartphone, X2nSat has also developed a downloadable mobile app that offers reporting and additional tools. This includes "Satellite Finder," which allows real-time line-of-sight checking to ensure proper communication between your terminal and the satellite.

X2nSat Difference

Dedicated to exploring and discovering the new technologies that improve our clients' experience, X2nSat is a forward-thinking company that takes pride in making a difference in the world of telecommunications.