Black Friday and Cyber Monday crushed all sales records this year. Ecommerce retailers, like Amazon who sell products exclusively online would stand to lose millions of dollars in revenue if their website went down for any period of time. Multiply that many times over during the busy holiday season. To make sure that does not happen, these giants of cyberspace take tremendous precautions to make sure that their servers and data systems have multiple redundancies and are geographically diverse.


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Despite all the attention that Amazon gets these days, over 92% of all retail sales still happened in an actual store in 2016. Whether you have a single location or multiple units, brick and mortar retailers and other local businesses need to take similar precautions when it comes to their POS and communications connectivity. When people think about disaster recovery and business continuity plans, most of the time they are thinking about events such as natural disasters (plenty of which we have experienced here in the United States the last half of 2017). However, the most likely scenario would be for your local internet provider to lose connectivity for an extended period of time due to a fiber cut or other technical outage.


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What if this type of outage happened on Black Friday and your company had planned and promoted a large sale event? How would you be able to process credit card transactions if this type of outage happened and lasted the entire day? Many retailers see 75% of their sales revenue take place in the 4th quarter of the year during the busy holiday shopping season. Every sales day counts, especially Black Friday and other special events planned.


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So many of the services businesses utilize today are in the cloud. When was the last time you inserted a CD into a PC to install software? Without an internet connection, you may lose access to your ecommerce platform that allows you to sell online, manage your inventory, and sell products in your brick and mortar location. Your business may come to a screeching halt. You may not even be able to take phone calls depending on your service provider so having a backup solution is mission critical. Satellite interface should be a part of the plan you put in place due to to ability to perform reliably in the situations where wireline and cellular connections are disabled or heavily impacted.


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The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to leverage the same type of technology backups as the titans in your industry. Here at X2nSat we offer scalable solutions for the retail industry on our private, dedicated network. These types of solutions also integrate seamlessly with your existing/primary transactional equipment. If you lose local connectivity, you or your employees will not have to scramble or fumble with a cell phone to somehow figure out a work-around to continue processing payments.

With a business continuity plan in place that employs satellite technologies, your holiday retail sales season will be merry and bright no matter what! Contact us for a no-cost evaluation for your enterprise.

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