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Ensuring Seamless Connectivity: The Vital Role of Redundant Satellite Communications for IoT and SCADA

July 19, 2023 - By Kate Davis Read More

PBX/Voice Backup: Crucial to Healthcare

Never have dependable and continuous voice communications in healthcare been more vital. Patients and providers don’t only use the phones to schedule appointments and discuss billing; they also use them to receive diagnoses and exchange critical medical information.... Read More

Mobile Satellite and Television Technology

2 MIN. READ During the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the world experienced its first satellite sports broadcast. Approximately 600-800 million people tuned in to watch the “TV Olympics.” Now, decades later, satellite broadcasting has left a lasting impression on... Read More

2021 Year in Review

The Launching of Datadel 2021 was a big year for X2nSat in more ways than one. Not only did we move forward with a lot of projects that we’re incredibly excited about, we also branched out into a... Read More