Network Backup for Business Continuity

Nearly every business and public entity is dependent on their voice and data connection to the outside world. When that connection fails, either by natural disaster, man-made accident, or hardware/software failure, the ensuing result can be costly. A business continuity plan provides security and peace of mind.

The X2nSat Difference

X2nSat provides customized and secure wireless backhaul solutions to integrate seamlessly with your company's existing network infrastructure. Our solutions enable automatic failover for data, voice, and other mission critical applications, keeping your business fully-functional until the primary connection is restored.
We are known for delivering a turnkey installation and 24/7/365 support, with a guaranteed 99.9% annual network uptime.

SCADA Network Backup and Monitoring

Companies with multiple facilities may have hundreds or thousands of WAN connections between locations. If there is a problem with the equipment, or a WAN circuit should fail, X2nSat provides a secure backup SCADA network to allow a second method to access the equipment. This way, the network engineer can troubleshoot and diagnose the problems without a costly site visit.

PBX/Voice Backup

Continue to make phone calls in the event of an outage by the phone company. PBX/Voice Backup automatically redirects phone calls over a satellite link, often without intervention or notice by the users. This solution can scale from 1-500 simultaneous phone calls, and can be adapted to phone switches of any size.

Satellite Phone

Our satellite phones have their own phone numbers and behave similarly to cellular phones, without requiring any infrastructure to work. They're a valuable option when you need immediate backup support.

Internet and Data Center Backup

For companies that rely on data centers or cloud applications to run their business, internet and data center backup is a must. In the event that a terrestrial connection becomes unavailable, VoIP and data traffic can be rerouted over satellite to keep business operations running smoothly.

Hardline and Independent Phones

Some organizations require hardline desktop phones that can be used even in the event of an outage. The handset is connected directly to a satellite terminal, and will work even in the event of complete power loss by the facility, and during a network outage or local PBX failure. Independent phones can be configured with features such as voicemail, call forwarding, etc.

Data Center Colocation

X2nSat has four data center locations that are directly connected to our satellite network, allowing clients to protect and replicate data easily and securely. The network allows data to be fully accessible in the event of a terrestrial network outage.

Remote Hotspots for Special Events

Boost bandwidth to a WiFi mobile hotspot when you need to. Allow your employees or customers the ability to access the internet when other means are unavailable. Use cases range from outdoor corporate events to disaster response teams processing claims.

Emergency Response

X2nSat allows emergency response agencies to interoperate with each other during a crisis or outage. With an easy-to-use directory of agencies, the solutions allow video sharing and other digital resources.

Point of Sale Communications

Don't take a hit when connections are down. X2nSat offers redundant point of sale solutions for credit and debit transactions so that your business remains functional.

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