Engineering, planning, and building a new satellite gateway is an arduous task. As a Satellite Network Engineer here at X2nSat I am also the first full-time employee working here onsite as construction of our new gateway in Las Cruces, New Mexico has been underway for the last two years.  It has been very satisfying to see significant project milestones taking place throughout 2017 as we broke ground on the site, began installing equipment, and brought this hub online and available to handle customer traffic.  Although there is much important work to take place on the site during the next two years, all progress made thus far has been an exciting achievement for our team.



The beginning of it all


Access to this gateway gives clients the assurance of having a redundant hub in case of a natural disaster or man made incident occurring at our headquarters in California. Natural disasters or unusual accidents can cause major disruptions to connectivity critical to enterprises. With the addition of the Las Cruces hub, X2nSat’s National Access Network is now comprised of multiple satellite gateways and points-of-presence (PoP’s). Now with five places nationwide to interconnect with us, our corporate customers have greater flexibility and ease of routing traffic loads across our network.

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Just this past November we updated our first existing client’s design plan to include redundancy from the Las Cruces hub.  This was an important confirmation that all the technical details of adding this gateway were completed successfully.  The engineering team is now busy at work revising all of X2nSat’s existing customers to also include this additional layer of backup to insure they will maintain connectivity 24/7/365.



Groundbreaking at the Las Cruces site in April of 2017.


Even as we transition more customers, construction is still very active on-site. Our permanent electrical building has been completed and the installation of the backup diesel generator is now operational. This will ensure the ability to remain online in the event of a local commercial power failure. Automatic security gates, site lighting, and other permanent details are bringing to life the final vision of our CEO, Garrett Hill.  What used to be a empty swath of desert is metamorphosing into a fully built and functional hub.

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Until just recently, I have been the only full-time employee onsite amongst all the construction contractors and vendors coming and going. So I am excited that the site now has its second full-time employee, Frank Vega. Now I have someone to talk to besides the coyotes! Vega is the gateway’s electrician and as more elements of the facility are built and finalized, we will be adding more staff in various positions. By the year 2020, the gateway’s current design build out will be completed, and there will be 30 full-time employees working at this beautiful New Mexico desert location.



We kind of like the view from our new home, away from home in the desert.


If you have ever built something from the ground up, you understand our excitement and pride as we see the progress of this site becoming a home for our growing X2nSat family. With this new gateway online it further strengthens our capability to ensure our customers have continuous connectivity, even under difficult and challenging situations. Stay tuned for more updates. We still have a lot of work to do!


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