The Launching of Datadel

2021 was a big year for X2nSat in more ways than one. Not only did we move forward with a lot of projects that we’re incredibly excited about, we also branched out into a new division called Datadel

Datadel is X2nSat’s answer to the growing IoT space. It changes the way consumers think of industrial IoT and data gathering. What Datadel intends to do is fix a hole in the market where Datadel can act as network consultants, integrators, and connectivity providers to customers requiring industrial IoT solutions. Datadel provides data delivery services frox2m sensor to software, handling all of the complex logistics around sensor integration, wireless connectivity, and network security so companies can focus on the data itself.. 

Datadel makes its debut to the Utilities industry in 2022 at UTC where the head of our Datadel division, Jena Blazer will be speaking.


Projects in development

In addition to Datadel’s launch, we expanded our Engineering team in order to focus more on the development of this project during 2022. X2nSat was able to further develop our Las Cruces location’s infrastructure and installations team. In doing that, we were able to integrate low-cost in-row rack cooling units with hot aisle containment to provide a more efficient HVAC solution for our Telco Room and Data Center in Las Cruces and install redundant electric generators and UPS systems. 


Private Networks Expansion

In 2021, we were able to expand our private network offerings with one of our big-name clients in the fastest most efficient way possible. We were able to provide a long-term private networks solution for them in just 3 months through the excellent work of our engineering, client operations, and sales teams. 

Our Private Network offerings are a huge benefit to our customers because of the scalability and customization we offer. Each plan is tailored to meet our customer’s security and internal network needs. Giving them full control over their networks and how they use them. 

This has been especially important for our customers who are impacted by natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. Giving them the extra security and network redundancy they need to keep communications up and running.



In 2021, X2nSat partnered with Dejero, an award winning cellular and LTE company. Our ensuing collaboration will provide Dejero’s North American customers with the resilient connectivity solution of blended cellular and Ku-band communications as well as greater assurance for critical communications in remote areas. 

This service is designed for live broadcasts, transmission continuity, and disaster recovery by broadcasters, as well as real-time tactical video and other data-intensive applications of public safety agencies.

With our new partnership, the CellSat service is expanding to cover Mexico in addition to the United States and southern Canada. X2nSat offers a sophisticated monitoring system for rapid identification of outages and technical issues, leading to reduced downtime. This allows X2nSat to mitigate risks proactively, providing an extra layer of assurance for Dejero CellSat users. Essentially giving Dejero the tools to provide their award winning services in North America.

In spite of everything, we had a busy 2021, and an even busier start to 2022. Thanks to all of the phenomenal people who work here and the support of our loyal customers, we will continue to move forward in a big way.

Here’s to 2022.

About the Author

Cara is the marketing coordinator at X2nSat. She's a social media maverick, a content genius, and an author in her spare time. Writing and marketing are her true passions.