In March of this year, X2nSat had the distinct honor of being selected to CIO Applications “Top 25 Business Continuity Solutions Providers for 2018”. CIO Applications has established itself as an industry thought leader where executives can keep abreast of emerging technologies and how their applications are reshaping entire industries at an ever-quickening pace.

Our selection to this list included an interview with our founder and fearless leader, CEO Garrett Hill. At the helm of X2nSat for over 20 years, he is an industry veteran who early-on recognized an opportunity to create a unique offering that caters to industry and enterprise markets. Over the past two decades the X2nSat infrastructure and service offerings have evolved and grown to keep pace with evolving satellite applications and technological advancements.


Full article/interview:  X2nSat:  Making Satellite Communication Accessible to Enterprises


Uniquely Disruptive

In the interview, Garrett attributes X2nSat’s ability to stand out from our competitors to the fact that we own and operate our entire network from end-to-end. We control every element of the network infrastructure. This allows us to customize and scale our services for a wide variety of clients across many industry sectors. Our coverage encompasses all of North America and provides easy access to worldwide networks through our strategic relationships with global providers.


This level of ownership and control also allows our engineers to customize and tweak quality of service (QoS) for a wide range of requirements and conditions to optimize voice and video service.





It seems like every week there is another story making headlines about a massive data breach that has occurred exposing millions of a company’s customers’ sensitive personal and financial data. An event such as this can be devastating for a brand, and make it difficult or impossible to fully recover and restore the public trust that took decades to build. Large enterprises are the biggest targets because they represent a big opportunity for hackers to harvest massive volumes of data, but every organization has the potential to become the next victim.

Many service providers offer solutions that claim to eliminate security vulnerabilities. In the interview Garrett pointed out the advantage X2nSat’s solutions provide because we offer a completely private network. Our entire infrastructure operates within a closed-loop that is not connected to the internet. This eliminates a physical path to the database for hackers to try and exploit. Essentially, it makes your connectivity solution invisible to the public and off the radar of hackers looking for easy targets.


2017 was a tough year for natural disasters. These were devastating forces against communications infrastructure for all manner of enterprises and organizations. Hurricanes packed an especially powerful punch last year, and storm forecasters are predicting another above average year for storms in 2018. In the interview, Garrett spoke of how reliable satellite communication performs in the wake of intense natural disasters. While wired communications infrastructure can take weeks or months to repair, almost all of our connections were operational immediately after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Also worth noting: in some locations on the island we were the only provider that was able to maintain service. This was critical to first responders providing aid to victims as well as expediting the rebuilding process.



The ability to maintain voice and data connectivity is equally important for enterprises and small businesses. According to data from FEMA, 40% of businesses that close during a natural disaster never reopen their doors. The inability to restore connectivity is not the only reason a company may not survive a storm, but it is vital if they are going to count themselves amongst the survivors. Being able to answer phones and have access to cloud-based systems such as e-commerce and POS platforms can allow an organization to show their customers they are back open for business.

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Technology continues to expand at an exponential pace. Industry leaders cannot afford to rest on their past successes, and the team here at X2nSat is no exception. Last year we opened our new gateway in Las Cruces. Today we continually strive to improve our offering and invest in our people and technology. It is exciting to think about where we will be in the next 20 years.

Thank you again to CIO Applications for recognizing X2nSat as a leader in the business continuity solution space.