We have become a world connected through constant communication with each other, but what if one day disaster strikes and breaks down our carefully crafted lines of communication?

Disaster training and recovery is essential in today’s world, for government and non-government agencies alike. That’s why in August, X2nSat joined forces with a nonprofit called NetHope and provided satellite equipment for their annual disaster relief simulation.

The simulation took place in Paso Robles, California and it went swimmingly.

NetHope is a nonprofit committed to improving the human condition through the utilization of technology, and their annual disaster relief simulation is the perfect example of the type of good they’re doing in the world.

They take people from organizations like Save the Children, Catholic Relief Services, World Food Program, Cisco Tac Ops, and even Facebook and puts them in the thick of it. Or as close to the ‘thick of it’ as they could get.

Participants in this simulation slept in tents, used water filtration systems, and relied on solar power while also attending seminars on basic VSAT assembly and pointing training so they could feel confident in their ability to survive a disaster and come to the aid of others.

Which is where we came in. Satellite is the best way to keep your communication grid up in the face of disaster. Unlike satellite’s predecessors that went out with the rain or storms, modern satellite is far more reliable and can keep communications up through earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. Satellite is basically disaster-proof.

The goal of NetHope’s simulation is to help representatives from these companies learn how to set up impromptu communications in a disaster. Every profession has its tools, and technology is at the core of disaster preparedness.

X2nSat provided modems, antennas, and support from engineers at our Petaluma Gateway to aid NetHope in preparing these professionals in the event of future disasters.

Being prepared before disaster strikes is our modus operandi, and the reasoning behind our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Making our beliefs aligned with NetHope’s yearly simulation. All businesses, no matter their industry, need to be prepared to support themselves and their communities in the event of disaster. We’re here to help.

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