by Garrett C. Hill, X2nSat CEO

Last month, I attempted to simplify the definition of a satellite so that those who were curious could understand clearly that there are different types of satellite orbiting around up there in space.

In that post, I made a brief analogy regarding hotel chains and satellites that promised to expand and elaborate upon. Stressing that I am in no way a hotel snob, the point I was trying to make then was that you wouldn’t reserve a Motel 6 for an industry conference or trade show, and would be better served by holding your event at a Marriott with banquet rooms and thousands of feet of meeting space. The analogy part comes in when explaining that the type of satellite service we offer here at X2nSat is not the type of satellite service an individual household would need for channel surfing, for example. What we offer is much grander than that; we are a commercial- and enterprise-specific solution provider offering private, secure and unsaturated networks and support. That means we’re an efficient and highly responsive communications partner.

Now, I don’t intend to use the blogosphere to constantly shout from the rooftops the fantastic products and services we provide here at X2nSat, but I would like to use our company to define more clearly what satellite communications are really about from the client’s point of view.

As we’re largely in a business-to-business world here at X2nSat, when friends, family and individuals ask me about what it is we do, I sometimes struggle with how much detail to give them. And, honestly, I often experience the same challenge when talking to new and potential clients. How much do they want to know?

I could explain the technical, tangible specifications of X2nSat’s satellite network offerings such as complete point-to-point data security through a private network with optional encryption, the ability to customize site capacities with options of 512Kbps x 1028Kbps, 1028Kbps x 1028 Kbps, or 2048 Kbps x 2048 Kbps, the benefits of our primary teleport location in Petaluma, California, and our redundant teleport in Atlanta, Georgia, and the like.

But those things are really only meaningful to the IT guys who work on the ground or in the field. What really matters to our clients is the solutions we provide to them. How do we make their lives better? Their businesses better?

As the 2nd President of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, Jr., once said: “Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”

And what clients get out of our product – X2nSat’s satellite communications services – is an exceptional experience. It’s why we have so many clients thrilled with the solutions we’ve provided to them. We could list in bullet points how we make this happen:

  • Exclusive technology
  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • Proven resiliency of our business continuity and recovery solutions
  • Easy installations and always-on connectivity for point-of-sale solutions

And so on. But those bulleted lists don’t tell you all of the reasons why X2nSat is more closely aligned with businesses whose needs are better met with a Marriott versus those who need a Motel 6.

Thinking about this hotel analogy reminded me of the famous “white glove experience” model taught by the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center. If you haven’t heard of it, the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center was established in 2000 to share the secrets to their success in quality and customer service with other business leaders. They provide courses, workshops and on-site presentations to teach five major components, one of which serendipitously titled “Radar On-Antenna Up.” I think that course would be particularly meaningful to me. At least I’d feel comfortable with the nomenclature.

The subtitle of the “Radar” course is great: “The Ritz-Carlton Method of Fulfilling Unexpressed Wishes and Needs.” This is exactly what we do at X2nSat. In our constant drive toward excellence, one of our goals is for every customer to have a positive experience with our product. When clients call with questions, we listen. We anticipate. We solve. We tailor solutions to the client’s existing infrastructure rather than forcing the client to conform to a rigid solution set.

We have this weekly feature on our company Facebook page profiling a different team member each Monday. Several weeks ago, one of our Tier 2 Support Specialists, Brian May, said the reason he loves working here is because he gets to use his expertise and knowledge to help clients find solutions. “We don’t just read from a script,” he said. “We actually listen to what people have to say and help them find an answer to their problem or question. I like that.”

As leaders in this industry for more than 18 years, we’ve mastered the art of prioritizing clients’ needs and pride ourselves on being accountable for a great end-user experience. This goes above and beyond their stated technical needs.

What I like to call “The Satellite Difference” is really “The X2nSat Difference.” Of course, I love what I know about the Ritz-Carlton concept, but admit I haven’t attended any of their courses in person … yet.

Maybe I should cancel my reservation at Motel 6 and set my sights on having my next business meeting at the Ritz.

About the Author

As CEO and founder, Mr. Hill guides the vision and cutting-edge culture of X2nSat, one of the most veteran VSAT providers in North America. In 1996, he founded this forward-thinking satellite communications company with a mission to provide highly reliable, wireless network and communication solutions to a variety of North American industries.