2016 was a year of many milestones here at X2nSat. From a broad perspective, we celebrated 20 years of hard work and innovation as a company in the SatCom business. Our bench is deep with over 250 years of industry experience on our team of dedicated professionals and we are proud of our accomplishments.

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It is always appropriate to celebrate success and reflect on the journey, but time marches on and this fast-paced industry is no exception. Our 2017 is off to a quick start as this week we launched a complete update to our website. The new website design seeks to convey to the world that we are a well-established company with robust resources and capabilities and a leader in the telecommunications industry.
Visually there are big changes to the color scheme, layout of pages, and other design elements. We certainly hope that the new appearance will enhance our image and create an engaging and informative experience for visitors, but first and foremost we want potential clients to have a very clear understanding of the solutions we are capable of delivering.

Here are a few key sections of the website that have bolstered with new information and resources:

Search by Industry

Find your industry and the specific solutions that relate to your unique needs. In healthcare? Be sure to check out our newest offering, SatBlue, that addresses the specific demands of the medical industry. Of course many of our long-time clients will still find a full range of offerings in Utilities, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Retail, Telecom, Distribution and Enterprises.

Search by Solution

If you know exactly the type of solutions you are looking for we make it easy as well. Do you need internet and voice communications in a rural setting? We have got you covered. Explore all the solutions including Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Emergency Response Communication, and Mobile Satellite Internet.

Innovation Timeline

Did you know that X2nSat built the first network that delivered broadband internet to a ship at sea? For over 20 years now we have been pushing the boundaries of satellite communications and bringing innovation to the industry. Peruse some of our other milestone accomplishments.

X2nSat Difference

Over the span of 20 years we have evolved into a full-service network operator. We became a leader in satellite communications by building on a strong foundation of Innovation, Industry Expertise, Cutting-Edge Technology and Superior Support. We are building on this legacy of success to continue to deliver excellence to our clients.

X2nSat Blog

Last year we increased the tempo of our company blog started by our founder and CEO, Garrett Hill. The blog has been expanded and now includes insights from our entire Executive Team. We cover a wide range of topics covering the SatCom industry, news about X2nSat and our employees and other topics. Check it out here!

Featured Products

In addition to products from great brands such as Thuraya, Cisco, ViaSat, and Eutelsat, we also offer many advanced pieces of equipment developed by X2nSat.

Resources and Knowledge Base

We have compiled a complete library of data sheets on all of our solutions. In addition to that we also created a complete technical glossary of technical terms that we use to explain our solutions and services.


As the Director of Marketing here at X2nSat I am obviously very excited about our new look. Many people on our team contributed and worked hard to make it happen. I am even more excited about all the great opportunities this new website will represent for our next 20 years of innovation and success!