Now that we’re out of 2020 and the dust has settled into the beginning of 2021, looking back at the changes and growing pains we went through as a company, gives us hope for the future of X2nSat. 

Like most businesses, we struggled a little at the beginning of the pandemic. Scrambling to follow the guidelines handed out almost overnight by the state of California and Sonoma County, but we persevered. 

When worst came to worst, we were there for one another. We rallied together to create a safe environment for our workers and provide the best service possible to our customers. We work with a lot of first responders and hospitals to maintain emergency communications, so we quickly became known as an essential service.

We kept all of our employees in our offices and made sure to adopt social distancing guidelines immediately to ensure the health and safety of our employees and their families. This also gave us the opportunity to support our local community by providing lunch for our employees from local restaurants. 

X2nSat put a lot of work into 2020. We did massive migrations for our customers, tons of work in the field, and we had numerous opportunities for the professional growth of our employees. We expanded our engineering department and set the stage for more growth. 

We planted a lot of seeds that we’ll get to see bloom in 2021. So, even though there were some opportunities we had to miss out on last year due to our lack of ability to travel and meet people in person, we were still able to move forward. We worked hard to push our company harder in the digital space, ramping up our digital marketing and our attendance at virtual trade shows in lieu of in-person events. 

The industry around us changed and we quickly changed with it. Adapting to the times and continuing on our trajectory to create meaningful connections and lasting relationships with our customers.

We are exceedingly lucky to have such an incredible team of people ready and willing to do the most to help X2nSat succeed. The road through 2020 was rocky, but we made it through.

Here’s to 2021.

About the Author

Cara is the marketing coordinator at X2nSat. She's a social media maverick, a content genius, and an author in her spare time. Writing and marketing are her true passions.