• Wide area coverage. Satellite communication offers borderless communication within the satellite coverage area.
  • Reachable remote areas with digital transmission.
  • Rapid deployment for new sites and fast commissioning of new sites within an existing network.
  • Cost effective. The pricing is distance-independant. No matter how far your location is, the pricing is still the same.
  • Flexibility and efficiency. Network configuration changes such as bandwidth, interfaces, data rates, etc. can be performed remotely from the central network management system.
  • Independent of terrestrial infrastructures. Worldwide deregulation of satellite communication services is fast becoming a fact. This allows worldwide implementation of truly private networks.
  • Simplicity. Quick and easy deployment.
  • Reliability and Availability. Satellite communication guarantees 99.9% network uptime.
  • No local loop issues. VSAT is installed directly on the client's site, with no terrestrial backhaul costs, inflexibility with increasing bandwidth, terrestrial link availability, etc.