The Beginnings of a Beautiful Relationship

Author – Jena Kramer Normally, our CEO, Garrett Hill utilizes this column to share his thoughts on topics relevant to our organization or the industry as a whole. We had some exciting news announced last week and as... Read More

Who Is X2nSat?

Author – Garrett Hill Happy New Year! This month’s post will be short and sweet, and I’m excited to show off our newly updated corporate video. Our popular overview video – “Who Is X2nSat?” – has been updated... Read More

Who Is Albert the Space Monkey?

Meet our X2nSat mascot Albert the Space Monkey! He will be traveling with our CEO, Garrett Hill, as he travels the U.S. and Europe visiting partners and clients. So who is Albert? Well, he is – was –... Read More

Satellites, Space and Shakespeare

Welcome to the first installment of “Extending Your Reach.” In this space, I will be sharing information about the satellite communications company I founded in 1996 – X2nSat – and the multiple communications solutions we offer to businesses,... Read More